It’s not an obvious single [choice]. It has a sexy drive in the chorus but a slow verse. A drug-like swing. And I liked the lyric
‘down on the west coast they got a saying, if you’re not drinking then you’re not playing’. It’s about the energy in California which has become a huge inspiration for me.

Lana Del Rey on West Coast.

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Anonymous sent: Is that icon a picture of you? If yes, stop cosplaying please. Aerith does not look like a hoe , neither she acts like one. If you cosplay , you have to be the person :/ it hurts because aerith is such a nice character. Atleast try not to make her look like she is about to go in a porn set

Look everyone, how fucking rude the cosplay community can be. I understand how cool everyone is, but then there’s always these assholes who anon people and say you look like a garden utensil

I got to donate blood today! Which was super exciting cause I never get to, and I really didn’t think I’d be able to, since I hadn’t eaten anything except toast last night o.o

And it was Shannon’s birthday so we hung out and did stuff and things :3

And now I must sleeeeeep cause school and work tomorrow. Good night~